Travelling to School

We recommend one of the following options for travelling to and from school:

1. Walk

By walking to school, your child will benefit from the daily exercise and enjoy experiencing the local environment.  Wokingham Traffic and Transport Team have put together some school travel maps for each school.  This shows the area around the school and identifies 5- and 10-minute walking zones around it.  To find our school’s map, please go to:

2. Cycle or scooter

This option will also enable your child to benefit from daily exercise.

3. Take public transport

We are a 15 minute walk from Winnersh train station. Trains come in from Reading, Wokingham and other local stations.

The Lion bus routes 4 and X4 pass through the bus stops by Sainsbury's Superstore at Winnersh Crossroads.

4. Park and Stride

If your only option is to drive, then you can park your car at the car park at the Bearwood Recreation Ground across the road from the school. As you stand at the school facing Bearwood Recreation Ground, the car park is in the far right corner. You can then take the short 5 minute walk to school.

The Walter Arms Pub on Bearwood Road, RG41 5BP have also kindly given our parents permission to park in their back car park. The Walter Arms Pub is on the same side of the road as the school. As you come out of the school, you turn left. The pub is a 5 minute walk from the school.
If you do have no option but to drive we ask that you are mindful of our neighbours and park considerately using the options outlined at Bearwood Recreational Ground and The Walters Arms pub.  Please do not park blocking the entrances to driveways, across any dropped curbs, or in any manner that may restrict vehicle and pedestrian access to residential properties.    Please also be aware that parking spaces in many of the local residential roads are private allocated spaces which should not be used or blocked by the general public.