How We Teach Writing

Writing permeates through the curriculum. At Bearwood Primary School, we have planned our curriculum very carefully to ensure every child's writing ability is progressively developed. We firmly believe that children learn to write by writing. Children are therefore given daily opportunities to write.

In order to ensure we develop efficient and capable writers, we equip our children with the necessary tools. Our children are exposed to high quality literature throughout their time at Bearwood. We focus on widening children's vocabulary through the high quality literature, enrichment experiences and the topics the children study. We have a very effective approach to the teaching of phonics in the EYFS and KS1. This is further built on throughout KS2, where the children continue to develop their spelling ability through the 'No Nonsense Spelling' programme. We also use the cursive handwriting style.

From Nursery, children are encouraged to write every day. we use the emergent writing approach. This means children are encouraged to write independently, with skilled adults identifying the next steps in each child's writing development. This becomes the teaching point to focus on to enable the child to progress. Our highly qualified and experienced staff in the EYFS have established an enabling environment where children are enticed to write independently using a range of media. In Reception, children are encouraged to apply their learnt sounds to spelling words independently.

As children progress through the school, we have carefully plotted the explicit learning they will experience to ensure they develop their grammatical knowledge and can apply their growing skills for composition and effect in their independent writing pieces.