Useful Websites


Clicker is a programme to help children with writing. 


Twinkl has a section on SEND which you may find useful.


It is VITAL that children read every day. For children who find it difficult to read long books, a good strategy is to read for 5-10-minutes at a time, two or three times a day.

Listening to stories and talking about them is also useful:


If your child is having difficulty with spellings, start on the spellings for a younger age group and check your child can spell those words before moving up.

Spelling Frame Website


This is a useful skill for all children but especially for those who are Dyslexic or who have difficulty with writing. Here are some free websites:

BBC Bitesize Dance Mat Typing

Typing Club

Relaxation and Mindfulness to support mental health

It will be important, especially for those children who are feeling anxious about the current situation, to take time out to relax, exercise and focus on the present moment. Some daily kids’ yoga and mindfulness will be beneficial:

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Online videos to get children moving indoors and to teach mindfulness.