How We Teach Maths

Bearwood Primary School is a White Rose Maths Host School.

At Bearwood Primary School, children are aware of the importance of mathematics in everyday life, through our teaching of the National Curriculum objectives for each year group and how we consistently embed maths within engaging real-life and cross-curricular content.

We aim for all children to thrive in maths. This is demonstrated in the ASPIRE thread of our ethos where we want all of our children to believe in their own abilities to enable them to succeed in the challenges they undertake.  We SUCCEED when children are confidently fluent in their understanding of numbers and in their calculation and oral skills.   With this confidence, they can EXCEL by applying what they know to problems and explain their thinking mathematically, developing a deeper understanding and 'mastering' a concept. 

We want the children of Bearwood Primary School to see​ maths as absorbing, creative and valuable – with a passion to explore the world of number and beyond.  Through problem solving and investigation, they will develop resilience, perseverance and independence.

Using our carefully sequenced delivery of the maths curriculum and our in-depth Calculation Policy, we want our children to be ready to progress to the next stage of their learning, believing in their own ability to be successful mathematicians.