Years 5/6 (Upper KS2)

Welcome to Years 5 and 6!
 Classes Hedgehog Pine Marten Red Squirrel
Class Teacher Miss Keri-Lee Muller Mr Brett Charlton  Miss Merryn Reed
Learning Support Assistants: Mrs Lauren Weaver, Mrs Ana Borges, Mrs Melissa Smith, Miss Isha Chandrasekar
Sports Coach / Learning Mentor: Mr Tee-Jai Willmott

In Years 5 and 6 our children immerse themselves in a formal, rich and invigorating curriculum.  As they embark on this exciting journey, we aspire for our children to be independent learners and good communicators being kind, integral and enthusiastic members of our community. 

Through their unique personalities and drive for success, our children are challenged to reach their full potential by applying their skills and knowledge, embedding them within all areas of the curriculum.  We encourage our children to take tremendous pride in their achievements and endeavour to support each other to grow as well-rounded individuals.

Years 5 and 6 are fast-paced and challenging as our children work incredibly hard to prepare themselves for the end of their primary school journey.  Children in Year 6 take on many roles of responsibilities within school and participate fully in the life of the school in its wider community.   As a year group they begin preparation for secondary school life, ensuring that they are inspirational role models to our younger peers.

We work hard to fully embed skills that our children have learnt during their time at the school and strive to achieve mastery approach to learning across all subject areas.  Throughout the year, the children deepen their reasoning and reflective skills, showing a true understanding of how to improve and advance their learning.

Inspired by the huge breadth of skills our children have learnt on their journey through Bearwood, our children leave the school as kind, integral, and successful individuals ready to face the challenges of secondary school and adult life, becoming successful, compassionate and productive citizens.


This week for our English assignment UKS2 produced some tourist leaflets. 
The children enjoyed getting creative with their Easter Bonnets. Congratulations to Poppy, winner of the UKS2 2024 Easter Bonnet competition!
Mr Bell v Elliott - Chess Final
A huge well done to Elliott in Year 6 who beat Mr Bell in the Chess Final! Not only did he beat Mr Bell, he beat him in +4 moves!! Well done Elliott! 
Red Squirrel were the last class to go to Windsor Environmental Centre, they had a great time.
Hedgehog and Pinemarten Class enjoyed their trip to Windsor Environmental Centre. 
Red Squirrel performed so well in their class assembly this week.
UKS2 went to the RAF Museum this week and really immersed themselves in the experience. The trip is an important part of our history topic this half-term on what life was like for Britain during World War Two.  The children experienced a workshop on the Blitz and they also got to explore the exhibits at the museum, including RAF planes.

Hedgehog Class have been busy writing poetry about dreams for a national poetry competition.

Hedgehog Class presented an impressive assembly on the theme of 'ubuntu' - meaning 'I am because we are'.  The assembly showed what a global village Bearwood is.

Pine Marten Class delivered an assembly, sharing what they have learnt so far this year, including Latin.

This week Red Squirrel Class engaged in an exciting science experiment - finding out which materials conduct electricity.

In UKS2 for D&T, we made reusable tote bags.  We cut out the fabric, hand-sewed the bag together; used the computer to find or make a design; then ironed the design on.

UKS2 really enjoyed their trip to Winchester Science Museum!

This week we took some UKS2 children to the Holt to complete their Academy Sports Leadership training. While we were there our Sports Leaders demonstrated fantastic leadership qualities and lead a Multiskills festival for Year 3 children. The Sports Leaders will use what they have learnt during this time to help run lunchtime clubs and activities for a range of children throughout the school.

Osun Arts African Drumming Workshop!
UKS2 enjoyed taking part in the Osun Arts African Drumming Workshop! 

UKS2 have been looking at poetry in English, investigating figurative language techniques, such as metaphors, similes, personification and hyperbole. We analysed two poems: 'Childhood Home' by Tara Kunesh and 'The Wind' by Robert Louis Stevenson. We developed our ability to deliver poetry performatively, ensuring that we spoke clearly, used expression and gestures and kept to the poem's rhythm.

In Science, we have been looking at forces. So far, we have looked at gravity, friction, air resistance and now water resistance. To test water resistance, we were given pieces of tin foil to make a small vessel, which would hold as many paperclips as possible. We investigated the relationship between surface area and the amount of weight the boats could hold. Our scientific method was a fair test, as we used the same amount of water and the same paper clips, only changing the boat each time and measuring the number of paperclips it could hold before it sank.

On Monday, some UKS2 girls took part in tag rugby trials with Mr Bell. We look at evasion, tagging, passing and agility in preparation for next weeks inter-school tag rugby event. The girls worked really hard and played collaboratively.

This week, Red Squirrel class have been finishing off our recount writing in English. As a class we have written about our transition afternoon from last year, and the children have chosen another key event from last year to independently write their own recount. In Shared Reading, we have continued on with our reading book, Holes. We have discussed lots of questions that we have on the book so far and have made lots of predictions for what the answers may be. 

For Maths, we have been learning about place value, using place value charts, number lines and part-whole models to explore numbers to 1,000,000. We have also practiced adding and subtracting 10 / 100 / 1,000 from numbers up to 1,000,000. 

This week we have started learning Latin, finding out about the link between Latin and English and the history behind this. We started exploring the similarities in words between English and Latin. In computing, we have started exploring databases, looking at how to use a drop-down system to help with categorising groups of information together. We have also starting exploring our new song in music, listening to the piece and discussing how it made us feel. 

Overall, Red Squirrel have had a fantastic week and have had lots of fun exploring all our new topics in our subjects.