Years 5/6 (Upper KS2)

Welcome to Years 5 and 6!
  Hedgehog Class Pine Marten Wolverine
Class Teacher Mrs Jackson Mr Charlton  Mr Cobb
Learning Support Assistant Mrs Weaver  Mrs Mackenzie Miss Fenton 

In Years 5 and 6 our children immerse themselves in a formal, rich and invigorating curriculum.  As they embark on this exciting journey, we aspire for our children to be independent learners and good communicators being kind, integral and enthusiastic members of our community. 

Through their unique personalities and drive for success, our children are challenged to reach their full potential by applying their skills and knowledge, embedding them within all areas of the curriculum.  We encourage our children to take tremendous pride in their achievements and endeavour to support each other to grow as well-rounded individuals.

Years 5 and 6 are fast-paced and challenging as our children work incredibly hard to prepare themselves for the end of their primary school journey.  Children in Year 6 take on many roles of responsibilities within school and participate fully in the life of the school in its wider community.   As a year group they begin preparation for secondary school life, ensuring that they are inspirational role models to our younger peers.

We work hard to fully embed skills that our children have learnt during their time at the school and strive to achieve mastery approach to learning across all subject areas.  Throughout the year, the children deepen their reasoning and reflective skills, showing a true understanding of how to improve and advance their learning.

Inspired by the huge breadth of skills our children have learnt on their journey through Bearwood, our children leave the school as kind, integral, and successful individuals ready to face the challenges of secondary school and adult life, becoming successful, compassionate and productive citizens.


To celebrate the coronation the Year 5's learned about the crown jewels and the royal coaches. They then designed their own coaches and did a great job of it, as you can see!

The UKS2 Team are incredibly proud of Years 5/6. The Year Sixes are busily preparing for their forthcoming tests and the Year Fives are proving to be very flexible as they work with Mr Cobb, Mrs Mackenzie, Miss Fenton and Mrs Weaver. Both year groups are demonstrating high levels of resilience and are getting on with their work without any complaint.

Year 5 + 6 had great fun dressing up for World Book Day! We also spent the morning reading with Year 2!
Hedgehog Class are keen to get in early on these cold mornings so they can get the best spots by the radiators!

On Friday, Year 5 and Year 6 represented Bearwood Primary School in the Usports Football tournament. From the pictures, you can clearly see that they had fun too! Well done boys!

As part of our Science Topic of Circulation, we demonstrated for the children how a real heart works and what it looks like.  UKS2 staff performed a dissection in front of Year 5 and 6 children. 


Netball Tournament Winners!

This week, Mr Bell and Mrs Fenton took our first netball team to Dolphin school to take part in a netball tournament. The children have been training multiple times a week, both after school with Mr Bell and during lunchtimes with TJ the sports coach. The children played really well - they won every match they played and were victorious in the tournament overall. Fletcher was our player of the tournament, scoring 20 goals! The children were presented with medals for their victory.

During Science this week, the Wolverine were discovering the different organs within the digestive system. Here are some images of food as it enters and leaves our bodies.
Year 5 and Year 6 travelled into London to the British Museum to deepen their Ancient Greek understanding. All the artefacts were so informative and brought their learning to life! Wait till next week for some of our recounts!
Congratulations Amy! This year, Amy has already read over a million words on Accelerated Reader. You are a reading star!  

For the KS2 boys v girls competition on TTRS, Gia, Deepak, and Mihika were awarded with the most valuable awards.

Well done Rockstars!

Congratulations to all our swimmers in UKS2. Many of our children have successfully completed their swimming levels. We are proud of you all.

Two weeks ago, the UKS2 children completed an Athletics Competition, including track and field events, at Maiden Erlegh School. The athletes competed against ten different schools across Wokingham. Well done everyone.

During this term, the children in Wolverine class were urged to deepen their geographical skills by researching at home. Amy went even further than that; she created our own geography quiz based on key terminology learnt. Well done Amy!

For our DT project this term, the children could make cookies or cupcakes to raise money to help with the Year 6 residential cost. We were able to raise £63 for the Year 6 children! Thank you to all the parents, children and staff who donated.

We are pleased to mention that we have published authors at Bearwood Primary School! During the Summer Term, our Year 5 (our current Year 6s) entered a national competition and the children’s pieces of work were chosen from over 100 different schools. Here is a picture with their very own version of their book. Well done Year 6s. We are proud of you!

In Art, the Y5/6s have been painting watercolours using the theme of The Highwayman, a poem we have studied in English.

During this week’s PE session, we played a full game of Kabaddi against each other (Wolverines v Hedgehogs)  Lots of fun whilst mastering our agility, balance and coordinating skills.

During this week’s Science, we have been investigating whether objects are insulators or conductors. There were some very interesting discoveries!

Some children were chosen to represent Bearwood at the Maiden Erlegh Athletics' Competition. They tried very hard and we are very proud of their perseverance. 
Wolverine class have been working hard during our Shared Write this week.
On Thursday, Pine Marten Class hosted their Parent Assembly. 

UKS2 have been writing poetry. They based their poems on their class novel, Clockwork. Mrs Jackson was especially impressed by Jenson’s poem. It was a difficult task and Jenson was completely focused and produced this poem independently.



The mountains masked the little town, in the dark sacred night,

The chill of the winter air gave everyone a fright.

Why don’t you go inside

The warm White Horse Tavern?

The tempting White Horse Tavern.

The popular White Horse Tavern, which swept people in like the tide.


Karl’s hair was jet-black,

On his head he’d a flat cap.

He was having a terrible day,

But he came stomping-


And Karl came stomping, grunting people out of the way.


Karl was moodily sitting down,

On a chair, his face a frown.

He had been a thunder-cloud since he entered the door,

But he had a bad secret,

Karl had a very bad secret,

He had a worrying secret, but he kept scowling at the floor.



Fritz’s eyes were buttercups of blue,

His black leather boots were brand new.

His smooth, soft hands were extra warm,

But his nice brown hair in the light,

His wonderful brown hair in the light,

His wavy brown hair in the light, swished as he watched the fire swarm.


Karl whispered: “Fritz, I’ve failed!”,

He took a deep breath in and then exhaled.

Karl turned moodier when his message was sent, but as for Fritz’s story:

Fritz could not think of an ending -

He just could not think of an ending -

He could not think of an ending, so he would have to make one up as he went.


Someone called, “Fritz, where is he?”,

Then he got up to read his new story.

“It’s called clockwork,” Fritz loudly said,

But people started to cheer for Karl’s model,

They were excited for Karl’s model,

They couldn’t wait for Karl’s model, and his face turned red.

Some representatives in Year 6 delivered a fantastic and informative assembly about Diwali. They presented extremely well and used their computing skills to create an engaging PowerPoint. It was lovely to hear about the celebrations they had with their families and friends.

Our Year 6 sports leaders attended the final part of their training at St Crispins school. Our leaders ran their activities for children from schools across Wokingham with great success. The training has helped out Year 6 leaders to develop leaderships skills and has developed their understanding of physical education and how to support younger children in developing their sporting ability. The leaders will now continue to lead games and activities in school for their younger peers.

We had great fun dressing up for International Attire Day! 

Well done to the Wolverine class for an excellent Class Assembly #wearehappy!

Our football training commenced this week for some of our y5/6 boys. Our sports coach TJ has been practising some ball skills which they children will applying during the training sessions after school on Fridays.

Cross country club continued even in the rain! Please make sure the children have a thin rain coat each week as we will continue running even if it rains!

Some of our Year 6 children were lucky enough to take part in the School Games Wokingham Young Leaders Academy this week.

At The Holt, the children had the chance to learn from secondary school sports coaches, developing their leaderships skills with a view to returning to Bearwood to run lunchtime activities with KS1 and LKS2.

All the children from Bearwood put in a great effort and showed our school in a fantastic light. Mr Bell and Mrs Jackson were very proud and impressed with the children.

We are looking forward to seeing the activities the children put on in school for their younger peers. They will have a second training sessions in November to show off what they have been putting into practise in school.