Years 3/4 (Lower KS2)

Welcome to Years 3 and 4!
Red Kite Fox  Dormouse
Class Teacher
Miss Caroline Parry
Ms Kay Clarke
Mr George Bell  Miss Emily Lloyd
Learning Support Assistant Mrs Tina Rowland Mrs Kat Tang Mrs Laila Fenton

In Years 3 and 4, the children are supported appropriately to enable them to grow in maturity and are encouraged to take on the role of kind, integral members of our school community.   Children are given the opportunity to show more responsibility for their learning and organisation and are provided with a range of opportunities to challenge themselves.

Through continuing to explore our broad and balanced curriculum, the children progress their skills in reading, writing and maths as well as enriching their learning through our creative cross-curricular topics and a range of stimulating and exciting non-class-based experiences.  This allows our children to deepen their knowledge and understanding across all areas in preparation for the next steps in the journey to Year 5 and beyond.



This week in LKS2 we learnt about the mummification process in Ancient Egypt. We demonstrated the process on one of our pharaohs and discussed the purpose of the mummification process and the Ancient Egyptians’ beliefs about the afterlife. We would also like to say a big thank you to everyone who brought in decorations for our DT projects! It has demonstrated such a generosity and will help make our giftboxes look amazing!

Ghaytha is the scientist of the week. She worked with great focus during our science lesson and led her group in their investigation into the relationship between the length of our femur bones and the distance we are able to jump. Well done Ghaytha!

Well done to Izyan in Fox Class for introducing his Christmas donation box that he made at home with his sister Zunairah. He would like children to donate any items such as small toys, books, pens and pencils that they no longer use and pop them in the box which is in the office by the Bearwood bear. Once the donation box is full, Izyan and his family will be dropping this off at their local charity shop. 

The LKS2 children are very excited to decorate their Christmas and Winter gift boxes next week. We can't wait to see the finishing products. 

Well done to Izyan in Fox class for inspiring other children with his wonderful donation box to collect items that can be given to children who are in need at Christmas

Milan is Mr Bell's scientist of the week this week. He made some excellent contributions to our learning about food labels and nutrition. He was able to identify the different nutrients in a variety of foods, including suggesting which foods are high in fat, salt and protein.

Mr Bell selected pupils from LKS2 to represent Bearwood as part of a LKS2 Sportshall Athletics competition. The event was facilitated by School Games and was a fantastic experience, children were encouraged to demonstrate positive personal and social skills, good movement skills as well as developing their athletics skills. 

This week, we have been learning about food nutrition and we learnt that saturated fat is less healthy than unsaturated fat.  We worked in groups to order some food pictures from the highest to the lowest amounts of saturated fat.   We discovered that butter, mayonnaise, chocolate and cakes contained a lot of saturated fat.  We investigated food labels and found that foods that are high in fat are not always high in saturated fat. 

Perhaps you could look at some food labels at home to see how much fat, saturated fat and salt they contain. 

This week we started our exciting new history topic, the Ancient Egyptians. In Shared Reading we are reading The Story of Tutankhamen, learning all about one of the most famous pharaohs of Ancient Egypt. Well done to Thomas in Red Kite for building a fantastic pyramid out of lego at home!

Zac is Mr Bell's scientist of the week - he has been working hard in science lessons; this week he was classifying different soil samples including sandy soil, clay and organic soil. 

LKS2 had a wonderful trip to Stonehenge this week! OnThursday we travelled by coach to Salisbury and had a great time seeing the stone circle up close and walking around the exhibition that had many exciting artefacts to look at - including a real life human skeleton that was found at the site! 

We were able to visit Neolithic houses and found out more fascinating facts about how the late Stone Age people lived.

In LKS2, we have been writing poetry. Our poems have been focussed on emotions which has been our topic in PSHE.

This week in Latin we have been creating our own invention using Latin root words. Animals was a popular theme! Eva invented a Supercani, a dog that flies in the air, from the Latin ‘super’ meaning above and ‘cani’ meaning dog.  JJ invented a magic pig from the Latin root  ‘magi’ meaning magic and ‘proci’ meaning pig.

Louisa invented a Magicani.  Can you use the Latin roots to guess what it is?

Izyan is Mr Bell's scientist of the week! He was able to persevere with a tricky task looking at the features of rocks. He concluded that clay was a very soft rock and that granite and basalt were much harder. If he was alive during the Stone Age, he would have chosen granite to build his stone axe head because it was the hardest rock we tested during our experiment.

Thomas is Mr Bell's scientist of the week. He really impressed Miss Parry with his knowledge of volcanic rocks and was able to explain to his classmates all about basalt.

This week in LKS2 we have been testing the toughness of different rocks by scratching them and seeing if they crumbled or stayed together. Following on from learning about the Stone Age Village of Skara Brae, Dormouse class decided to separate into Stone Age tribes and test the rocks to see which would be best to build the houses for their tribe!

Mr Bell's scientist of the week is Olivia - she was able to explain that we know rocks are rocks because they are inorganic - this means that they are not alive, nor have they ever been. this is different to something like tree bark which is organic because it once formed part of a living or organic organism.

This week in LKS2, we have enjoyed learning how to play the recorder in our music lessons and we are beginning to recognise the musical notes. In Art, we have been exploring different grades of sketch pencils and how this affects the colour, tone and texture. We learnt more about key artistic techniques such as shading and cross-hatching.  Shrayaan was Mr Bell's 'Scientist of the Week' as he showed fantastic knowledge of rocks and was able to teach the rest of his class about the 3 different kinds of rock, even before Mr Bell had started the lesson. Well done Shrayaan!

This week in LKS2, we started our Latin lessons. We learnt that the English language borrows words from lots of other cultures and civilisations such as Arabic, Roman, Greek and Hindi. It is already clear that the Latin teaching will support our children with vocabulary acquisition and understanding spelling rules. We have also started our History topic which focusses on the Stone Age - we have learnt that the Stone Age was a time before recorded history began - we know this period as 'pre-history' or 'prehistoric'. Our Shared Reading text 'Stone Age Tales' has also given us a base knowledge about the Stone Age from which we can extend our learning this half term.