Years 1/2 (KS1)

Welcome to Years 1 and 2!
Class Rabbit Otter Beaver
Teacher Miss Jennifer Livanos Mrs Mary Shaw Miss Georgina Davis
Learning Support Assistant Mrs Hazel Evans Mrs Tara Stone Mrs Hayley Brooker
In Year 1, our children make the exciting transition from Early Years to Key Stage One in a gradual progression towards a more formal and structured day and style of learning.  It is an opportunity to experience a breadth of education that encompasses a creative curriculum.
We encourage our children to become increasingly independent and they enjoy learning through focused tasks and structured play.  Our topics are chosen to encourage them to explore and develop their understanding of the world, grow in confidence and self-belief through creativity, while acquiring the early building blocks of learning for life.

Our children begin to develop collaborative discussion skills by engaging with high quality texts and they are provided with a variety of opportunities to practise and apply their reading and writing skills.  These well-established skills are displayed when completing the phonics screening check at the end of the year. 


Year 2 is a stimulating year with lots of positive challenges for the children.

In Year 2 our children start to become more independent learners; continuing to develop their skills in reading, writing and maths through collaboration, discussion and structured activities.  As Year 2 progresses, our children work towards preparing themselves to showcase their very best in the end-of-year statutory assessments (SATs).  We use a topic-based approach to learning which, allows all to become immersed in learning.

 In maths we follow the White Rose scheme.   This has been carefully planned to develop and deepen maths fluency, reasoning and problem-solving skills.

Otters class learnt about 3D shapes in Maths this week, they enjoyed completing practical activities.
Children in Need 2023!

This week in D&T we started to learn about mechanisms, we created . This lesson was an introduction to our topic, teaching us skills that we can use to help create our final project. The children  enjoyed making Rabbit and Hat puppets using a slider mechanism in DT.

Tuesday 14th November was World Diabetes Day. Evie was a superstar and shared her knowledge of Type 1 diabetes with KS1. Well done, Evie!

The children then had a go at creating their own diabetes awareness ribbons.  

Otter Class had great fun following instructions to make bouncy spiders this week.

The KS1 children had a great time at Brooklands Museum! 

This week in English we have been writing instructions. We have written instructions for ‘How to Clean Your Teeth’ and ‘How to Make a Bouncy Spider’. On Wednesday we created our spiders, thinking about the different steps we used to make them. As well as thinking about the language we would use to make our instructions clear and precise.

Otters Class celebrated National Poetry Day. We read My Treasures by Kate Wakeling then we thought about our own treasures.

Cooking Club!

In Cooking Club this week we made pitta bread pizzas! We got to choose our toppings and put on as much cheese as we liked! They smelt so delicious coming out of the oven!

In Rabbit Class we have been learning about ordering in Maths. First, we ordered our Numicon from smallest to greatest and then from greatest to smallest. After that, we chose three random Numicon and asked our partners to order them. Then we looked at ordinal numbers, we did some races outside to see who would come 1st , 2nd , 3rd and so on. Afterwards, everyone was given a number card and we had to get ourselves in order, we did a fantastic job!

This week in the KS1 cooking club we made chocolate cornflake cakes. First, we melted the chocolate and butter and then we mixed it into the cornflakes with golden syrup. Then we made our own cases and wrapped them up to take them home. They looked delicious!

Here are some pictures of Otter class trying different balances in PE.
Otter class enjoyed the Perform Drama Workshop. We travelled to different parts of the world just like Phileas Fogg.