Year 2 (KS1)

Welcome to Year 2!
  Grey Wolf Otter
Class Teacher Miss Sian Mrs Shaw
Learning Support Assistant Tara Stone               

Year 2 is a stimulating year with lots of positive challenges for the children.

 In Year 2 our children start to become more independent learners; continuing to develop their skills in reading, writing and maths through collaboration, discussion and structured activities.  As Year 2 progresses, our children work towards preparing themselves to showcase their very best in the end-of-year statutory assessments (SATs).  We use a topic-based approach to learning which, allows all to become immersed in learning.

 In maths we follow the White Rose scheme.   This has been carefully planned to develop and deepen maths fluency, reasoning and problem-solving skills.


Year 2 have had a busy week. First they have been planting their sunflower seeds as part of our school competition. They may even replant them in the KS1 playground so we can all see them grow over summer. The children that are part of Rocksteady have been practicing and they sound like an incredible live band! In English and History this week we have been learning about the Great Fire of London. Year 2 have been learning about where Samuel Pepys buried his precious cheese. They have been writing some fantastic diary entries!

Year 2 wanted to share some more pictures from their RISC workshop last term. They had a lot of fun learning about stories from different cultures!

Year 2 have been looking at digital art this term and they have started to design some amazing art pieces! We also wanted to share some pictures of the hard work of one of our children who has been working on letter formation! 

The children had lots of fun looking at artifacts during our Heritage Workshop. 
We all dressed in red to raise money for Comic Relief! 
Year 2 had lots of fun dressing up for World Book Day! 

Year 2 have had a really busy week! The Year 2 Gymnastics group won the Bronze medal which is amazing!

We then started with our DT morning where we were looking at Breads from Around the World. First we taste tested some bread and compared them, then we followed a recipe and made our own British Bread Rolls. They looked so tasty!

In Art we created some unique paintings inspired by Joan Miro!

As we have been learning about Castles in History, we went on our school trip to Windsor Castle. We had the change to explore the State Apartments, went to the Albert Memorial Chapel and shared our knowledge about Castles in our Learning Space Workshop.

Year 2s have worked so hard practicing for their class assemblies. Otters class really showed they knew their times tables with their times table songs! Grey Wolf class had so much fun singing their hello song and sharing what they have been learning. They hope that the parents enjoyed listening to what we have been learning in school this term. We have been learning all about Castles ready for our school trip to Windsor Castle next week.

We have had a busy week in KS1, we had the amazing Perform Drama workshop! The children had so much fun pretending that they were in a circus. They were swinging from a trapeze, riding horses and leaning how to play jokes like a clown! 

Year 2 have been looking at the interesting work of the Spanish painter and sculptor Joan Miro. He used different lines and shapes to create unusual creatures in his paintings.  

This week in KS1 the Elf on the Shelf has been up to no good! He has been making snow angels on tables, drinking all our milk and even ate too much McDonalds. KS1 is looking forward to performing Penguin Pete to you all next week!

This week Year 2 have got stuck into building their own planes! Mrs Stone has worked very hard helping the children bring their ideas to life! They have had a blast designing and making their planes and looking at 3D forms in our art lessons. 

KS1 have dressed up in some amazing costumes today for Children in Need! We have seen some Doctors, Teachers, Police and even some Rockstars!
We have had an exciting week in Year 2 as we took part in the Rocksteady Workshop where the children had a chance to listen to lots of different instruments and sang along to some songs with Jamie.

To link with their engaging trip to Brooklands, Year 2 have been drawing different aeroplanes and next. they will be making a model aeroplane!

Year 2 had lots of fun helping Mrs Mackenzie in the ECO garden, look at these carrots they managed to dig up!

The Year 2 children had a fantastic time at Brooklands Museum. They got to see various types of planes and even got to walk through the King of Saudi Arabia's old private jet plane! It was very exciting to see where he would have sat on his special throne for the aeroplane.

This week in KS1 the children had an amazing time in PE with Mr Bell. He was sharing some creative ideas on different activities they could try to improve their balancing skills. Year 2 had a lot of fun working together in groups trying to balance a cone on their heads! Today is international attire day and the children have come in incredible outfits! They are also looking forward to the Halloween Disco this afternoon!

Some children in KS1 had a great time picking our home-grown carrots! As you can see from the photos, some of the carrots were huge! They are very tasty too.

This week KS1 walked to Reddam house where they had a tour and had a chance to draw their amazing school building.