Year 1 (KS1)

Welcome to Year 1!
  Beaver Rabbit
Class Teacher Miss Davis Miss Livanos
Learning Support Assistant                      Mrs Davis
In Year 1, our children make the exciting transition from Early Years to Key Stage One in a gradual progression towards a more formal and structured day and style of learning.  It is an opportunity to experience a breadth of education that encompasses a creative curriculum.
We encourage our children to become increasingly independent and they enjoy learning through focused tasks and structured play.  Our topics are chosen to encourage them to explore and develop their understanding of the world, grow in confidence and self-belief through creativity, while acquiring the early building blocks of learning for life.

Our children begin to develop collaborative discussion skills by engaging with high quality texts and they are provided with a variety of opportunities to practise and apply their reading and writing skills.  These well-established skills are displayed when completing the phonics screening check at the end of the year.   


This week Year 1 have been learning about positional and directional language in Maths. We have learnt about quarter, half, three-quarter and full turns, we have also been practising our left and right. On Tuesday, we took our learning outside and worked in groups, giving each other instructions to follow, using the vocabulary we have learnt. 

Year 1 have been busy learning all about halves and quarters in Maths this week. We made posters showing some of what we have learnt, here are a few examples.

Here is a sunflower update, they are growing beautifully! We must have planted them with love because ALL of them have started to grow!

This week we have been reading Supertato in English as part of our Superhero topic this half term. We have had so much fun talking about the naughty things the Evil Pea got up to and even wrote our own newspaper reports about Supertato saving the day! 

This week in Year 1 we have planted sunflower seeds, this links to our Science topic this term ‘Plants’. We have learnt about what plants need to grow and we will be keeping a diary of the different stages throughout the term.

This week Year 1 went on a trip to Beale Park, which related to our topic of Paws, Claws and Whiskers. We had a workshop which taught us all about how to care for animals and we got to hold a Madagascan Hissing Cockroach and we got to stroke a Python. We explored the wildlife park and saw a variety of animals such as; Zebra, Capybara, Owls, Tortoises, Ring-Tailed Lemurs and so many more. We had a great day out, thank you to all the volunteers who came with us.

Last week was Science Week and the theme was ‘Connections’, we had a fun live lesson teaching us how Tractors are connected to Space! We then created our own connections by making phones out of cups and string, this was so much fun!

Year 1 have been learning about Eric Carle in Art this half term. Last week we painted paper in the same style that Carle paints tissue paper, this week we cut it up and used it to make our very own Hungry Caterpillars. We think they look fantastic!

We have been studying Eric Carle in Art this half term. On Wednesday we painted our paper using his techniques ready to cut shapes out and make a collage, taking inspiration from his work, next week. We can't wait to share our final pieces with you! 

We have been learning about weight and mass in Maths this week in Year 1. We have been comparing the mass of different objects using cubes. 

We had great fun dressing as our favourite characters for World Book Day! We also read with some of the older year groups, that was so much fun. 

This week in Year 1 we were lucky enough to receive scooter training from Mr Brent. We learnt different skills we can use while riding our scooters and learnt how to keep safe when riding next to roads.

Year 1 finished their DT project this week, we made our very own toy cars. We built them out of toilet rolls, wooden dowels, and 4 wheels, then we decorated them. They all look fantastic!

Year 1 visited Reading Museum, they were able to immerse themselves in a Victorian Experience.

We pretended to be Victorian school children and took part in lessons similar to the ones that happened over 100 years ago. We also learnt about the different types of toys that Victorian children would have played with when they were our age!

This week in year 1 we have been reading ‘Lost in the Toy Museum’, we played the hot and cold game to find objects hidden in the KS1 area. We had lots of fun playing this game!

Year 1 are practising walking and balancing on a straight line in PE this half term. We have been working very hard to step carefully and maintain our balance. 

This week Year One have absolutely loved performing the Christmas play to their parents. We did a beautiful rendition of Rodolph the Red Nosed Reindeer for the finale. Our teachers are very proud of us and can't wait to see us in acting roles next year! Merry Christmas everybody!

This week in Science we read ‘The Three Little Pigs’, we have been building houses out of a variety of materials to see which one would be the best for a house to be built from.

We also have a very exciting trip to the pantomime to see ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, we were blasted with super soakers and some of us were lucky enough to catch some sweets! We laughed, sang, danced and most importantly had a fantastic trip!

On Monday, Year 1 had so much fun watching the football! For some of us, it was the first football match we had ever watched so it was really exciting when we got to cheer when England scored! We had popcorn and squash for our half-time snack too, which was delicious. COME ON ENGLAND! 

Beaver Class enjoyed taking part in raising money for Children in Need. 
Rabbit class dressed up to support Children in Need, this years theme was 'inspirational people'. 

This week in Year 1 we have been learning all about the significance of Remembrance Sunday. We spoke about why we wear poppies and what they represent. We then created our own poppies to create a wreath and a display.

This week Year One have been learning about the Gunpowder Plot and Guy Fawkes. In our Art lesson, we made these beautiful fireworks pictures. We are really excited for Bonfire Night this weekend, stay safe everybody!

Before half term in DT we made pizza’s using our 5 senses, we put a variety of toppings on our pizza’s such as; mushrooms, onion, olives, peppers and cheese.. In Science we then spoke about what we could smell, taste, feel and see.

Some children in KS1 had a great time picking our home-grown carrots! As you can see from the photos, some of the carrots were huge! They are very tasty too.

Year 1 have been spending lots of time talking about being a kind friend and using our kind hands over the last couple of weeks. We created a friendship tree to show that we have kind hands. 

Below our friendship tree you can see our wonderful nature table that displays some of the Autumn objects from nature we have found over the last few weeks. Thank you Mrs Davis for helping us set it up and writing all our phase 5 sounds on the wood slices!

This week we got to watch a special video from Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. Julia Donaldson read us some poems and sang songs, while Axel Scheffler showed us how he drew the characters from The Baddies. Our favourite part was the Superworm song!

Some of our Young Leaders lead their first sessions on Monday in KS1 - the younger children were so excited to have older children working with them on team building activities and all wanted to join in! The sessions will develop as the children become more confident, our Y6 children are aiming to work on some football and netball skills in the weeks to come!