Reception Class (EYFS)

Welcome to Reception Class!


  Brown Bear
Class Teacher Mrs Stephenson
Learning Support Assistants Mrs Brooker               Mrs Smith


Reception is a unique and exciting time as our children embark on the transition to school and begin a lifelong learning journey.  Through developing a secure relationship with our early years staff and each other, our children become confident and independent learners who feel happy and safe at school, and develop a real love for learning.

 A variety of practical, hands-on and playful learning experiences are aimed at sparking our children’s curious minds and promote critical thinking and open-ended exploration of concepts and themes.  Using high-quality children’s literature as our starting point, our children are introduced to the magical world of reading and writing through daily phonics sessions.  We encourage our children to explore mathematical concepts through practical activities, role-play and discussion of our everyday lives and the environment around us.

 We strive to achieve an environment where children can play, feel relaxed and be comfortable. When children feel emotionally safe and secure, they develop the confidence to explore and find out about the place they are in and the things they can see and touch.

 In collaboration with our early years team, the children are equipped with the necessary skills to progress towards the more structured academic challenges of Year 1 and beyond.

Reception have been having the best time in our creative areas, making and cutting and sticking all sorts of materials while we chat. We have also been playing at teachers in the reading area, reading stories to our 'pupils.'

The Brown Bear children are learning to put their own coats and jumpers on, and take them off, independently. Thank you to all the parents for your help with this.