Nursery/Reception (EYFS)

Welcome to EYFS!


Class RJ Koda RM Orsa Nursery Bear Cubs
Teacher Mrs Christine Johnson Miss Jessica McNulty Miss Leigh Brannigan
Learning Support Assistant Mrs Rebecca Barker Mrs Natalie Davis Mrs Lisa White


In our Nursery we aim to foster happy and independent children who thrive in an environment which is fun, caring and full of new and exciting challenges and experiences.  The children are given opportunities for both indoor and outdoor learning on a daily basis, with activities being selected to stimulate their senses and learning styles.
Topics and themes are carefully planned to capture the children’s interest and imaginations and whilst learning is play based and child led, sessions are structured in a way that allows us to combine formal learning in phonics and maths with more free-flowing play sessions.   Learning can take place in small groups or whole class sessions and is always supported and extended by adults in the classroom, as part of the children's play. 
We work hard to ensure the children are safe, happy and make excellent progress during their time with us, developing a range of skills including physical development and personal, social and emotional development so they are ready to continue their learning and development in Reception Class.

Reception is a unique and exciting time as our children embark on the transition to school and begin a lifelong learning journey.  Through developing a secure relationship with our early years staff and each other, our children become confident and independent learners who feel happy and safe at school, and develop a real love for learning.


 A variety of practical, hands-on and playful learning experiences are aimed at sparking our children’s curious minds and promote critical thinking and open-ended exploration of concepts and themes.  Using high-quality children’s literature as our starting point, our children are introduced to the magical world of reading and writing through daily phonics sessions.  We encourage our children to explore mathematical concepts through practical activities, role-play and discussion of our everyday lives and the environment around us. 


We strive to achieve an environment where children can play, feel relaxed and be comfortable. When children feel emotionally safe and secure, they develop the confidence to explore and find out about the place they are in and the things they can see and touch.


 In collaboration with our early years team, the children are equipped with the necessary skills to progress towards the more structured academic challenges of Year 1 and beyond.

Reception are having the best time at Bucklebury Farm! 

Our Reception parents were invited to join in with a Drawing Club lesson this week. This is how our Reception children learn to write. We read the story The Squirrels who Squabbled and then acted out our vocabulary and drew pictures and wrote sentences. It was a very successful event, thank you to all parents who were able to attend. 

Reception enjoyed their Transport Trip this week. They travelled on a double decker bus and a train and completed their transport surveys. I was a great success!
This week we have been learning how to sequence an activity this week and used words such as 'first', 'next' and 'finally' to explain instructions. We loved making jam sandwiches to help with this and the children were great at giving instructions to each other. The sandwiches tasted yummy too! 

EYFS had a fantastic time dressing up for World book day. We did a parade, watched a draw along live with an author/illustrator and had Y6 come down to read us a story. What an amazing day! 

A huge thank you to Paul from Wickes who kindly arranged for some Materials for our EYFS area.  Also a huge thank you to Mrs White our Nursery Nurse and Mr White who organised the donation/delivery. We are looking forward to seeing what the children can create!
This week Reception have learned all about real life superheroes. We had visits from Warner the guide dog and his owner Mrs Weaver, the Health Advisor Nurse who took our height and weight measurements and Reign's Dad Keiron who is in the army.

We loved the snow this week in Nursery, as soon as it was falling we immediately stopped carpet time, put on our coats and enjoyed exploring the snow!  We tried very hard to catch the snowflakes on our tongues.  It was so much fun!

It has also been very frosty this week!  We explored the word shattered as we discovered all the ice that was in our playground, our hands got a little bit cold and we had to dry our gloves and mittens on the radiator.  

'Twinkly Nativity'! -  We are so proud of EYFS for performing so well in their nativity. They sang beautifully! 
EYFS had great fun at the Bearwood Christmas Lunch!  

We have really enjoyed dressing up as Santa and Elves this week.  We have been delivering 'presents' and spreading joy!

The Lunch Clubbers enjoyed their Christmas lunch, especially the Christmas crackers!  The crackers were very noisy and lots of fun.

Russell Sprout the Nursery Elf has been surprising us each day.  Oh dear!  He seems to have found Ms Brannigan's secret stash of Pringles and he has eaten them all!  He has only left her a few stale crummies!!!!! 

Christmas has come to Bearwood Nursery!  We have a very special visitor; his name is Russell Sprout.  He gave us 3 beautiful decorations for our tree.

We really enjoyed decorating our tree this morning, we think it looks amazing!  What do you think?

Reception had an idea to come back to school at night to continue our learning about the dark and the stars. We dressed up in our pyjamas and came back to school at 5pm. We then made a telescope, looked for stars, had hot chocolate and had a bedtime story. We had the best time!

Nursery have been very busy making Diya Lamps out of clay for Diwali.  We have painted them and decorated them with glitter.

A massive thank you to Mr Washington (a parent of a nursery child) who was able to get lots of old tyres from his workplace. The children have thoroughly enjoyed having these to play with outside this week and we have been extremely creative with them. We have rolled them, pushed them, sat in them, made them into dens, built an obstacle course out of them and even used them for our mud kitchen ingredients!

The children in Nursery discovered some amazing pods in our junk box this week!  We also noticed the buttons that were in our collage area.  We decided to put them together and make some shakers but we had to wrap a lot of sellotape around them because when they dropped on the ground the buttons went everywhere!

This week Reception have been working really hard on their phonics. We have learned so many sounds already. Our favourites so far have been p, penguin and d, dinosaur. Some girls made a penguin independently in discovery time and we all enjoyed d d dipping the d d dinosaurs in the paint and stomping them around the paper. 

This week Reception have been busy looking at houses. We made a numicon city and counted how tall each building was. We then made our own houses using 2D shapes, we were very creative in our designs.

We have an exciting new addition to our garden- the mud kitchen! We have been exploring the different natural resources and cooking up some inventive recipes. 

In Nursery we have had great fun exploring pumpkins and scooping out the ooey gooey insides.  We also had a wonderful time tapping pegs into the hollow pumpkins with hammers.

We had a group photo for International Attire day.  We enjoyed talking about our outfits with each other.

In Phonics we have been exploring the different sounds our musical instruments make.  We love to sing I play, I play I stop!  It is our favourite song.

This week in Reception we have have explored the topic 'All About Me'. We have talked about our families and created beautiful artwork of the people and furry friends we live with. We have also been developing our fine motor skills through multisensory activities and name writing. Well done to everyone in Reception for continuing to make fantastic progress!

Reception have had another fantastic week at school and have continued to settle in really well. This week, we have been exploring feelings through the Colour Monster story. The children have participated in discussions and activities related to the story and thought about what makes us feel certain emotions. They really impressed us with their great creativity and empathy when sharing ideas about how we could make the sad, blue monster feel happy again. Well done! 

Nursery were the clear winners of our Sunflower Competition last term. Despite conditions that challenged the rest of the school's plants, their flowers truly lived up to the name 'titan', reaching amazing heights of about 9ft.  They will be receiving a well-earned prize!
Nursery have been making delicious treats to eat in the sandpit this week.  We have also enjoyed exploring the water trough and using the nets to catch different things in the water.