Nursery (EYFS)

Welcome to Nursery!
  Bear Cubs
Class Teacher Miss Brannigan
Nursery Nurse Mrs White
In our Nursery we aim to foster happy and independent children who thrive in an environment which is fun, caring and full of new and exciting challenges and experiences.  The children are given opportunities for both indoor and outdoor learning on a daily basis, with activities being selected to stimulate their senses and learning styles.
Topics and themes are carefully planned to capture the children’s interest and imaginations and whilst learning is play based and child led, sessions are structured in a way that allows us to combine formal learning in phonics and maths with more free-flowing play sessions.   Learning can take place in small groups or whole class sessions and is always supported and extended by adults in the classroom, as part of the children's play. 
We work hard to ensure the children are safe, happy and make excellent progress during their time with us, developing a range of skills including physical development and personal, social and emotional development so they are ready to continue their learning and development in Reception Class.

We discovered some amazing pods in our junk box this week!  We also noticed the buttons that were in our collage area.  We decided to put them together and make some shakers but we had to wrap a lot of sellotape around them because when they dropped on the ground the buttons went everywhere!

We have been very busy exploring our sunflowers this week, we have enjoyed collecting the seeds so we can dry them out and grow some more next year.

Wow!  We had a lot of welly boot fun splashing in a huge puddle after the rain fell this week! 

Nursery were the clear winners of our Sunflower Competition last term. Despite conditions that challenged the rest of the school's plants, their flowers truly lived up to the name 'titan', reaching amazing heights of about 9ft.  They will be receiving a well-earned prize!

We have been making delicious treats to eat in the sandpit this week.  We have also enjoyed exploring the water trough and using the nets to catch different things in the water.