Nursery (EYFS)

Welcome to Nursery!
  Bear Cubs
Class Teacher Miss Brannigan
Nursery Nurse Mrs White
In our Nursery we aim to foster happy and independent children who thrive in an environment which is fun, caring and full of new and exciting challenges and experiences.  The children are given opportunities for both indoor and outdoor learning on a daily basis, with activities being selected to stimulate their senses and learning styles.
Topics and themes are carefully planned to capture the children’s interest and imaginations and whilst learning is play based and child led, sessions are structured in a way that allows us to combine formal learning in phonics and maths with more free-flowing play sessions.   Learning can take place in small groups or whole class sessions and is always supported and extended by adults in the classroom, as part of the children's play. 
We work hard to ensure the children are safe, happy and make excellent progress during their time with us, developing a range of skills including physical development and personal, social and emotional development so they are ready to continue their learning and development in Reception Class.

We have been talking about Easter this week.  We had an Easter egg hunt, we had to look everywhere for the eggs, they were hiding in many different places.  The golden eggs (for morning and afternoon Nursery) were very hard to find, luckily two children managed to find them and they both won an Easter bunny!

Kayla and Jeeya painted these wonderful detailed pictures together at the art easel.  Well done, they are amazing!

Ezra drew a picture of his mummy; he wrote his family's name all around her.  Well done Ezra!  Reggie drew a huge person outside with the chalk.  Wow Reggie your person is ginormous, well done! 

This week we have been creating beautiful rainbow paintings to brighten up your day. We also had a very special visitor this week, baby Teddy!  Jeeya loved giving him a cuddle on the sofa.  We also had snow this week! the children loved looking out of the window at the snow in the playground.



Nursery enjoyed dressing up as their favourite book characters for World Book Day.  We shared lots of stories and we had a visit from Mr Bell and the Fox Class in the morning.  We read some very funny stories with them; they made us laugh out loud.  What a super fun day!

We enjoyed eating delicious pancakes with licky sticky syrup on Tuesday. Layla noticed our shed was falling down so she spent a very long time fixing it with planks and a hammer.  

We enjoyed playing hopscotch this week with the children from Reception.  We experimented with different things to throw to land on the numbers.  We decided a ball was too tricky as it kept rolling away, the cube was the best as it had many flat surfaces to land on.

We have been exploring our colourful chalk this week and we have drawn these amazing pictures to make our garden bright and brilliant.

We have a new kitchenette in our playdough area, we have been having a wonderful time cooking things in the oven and the microwave.  We have been keeping our playdough food cool in the fridge too.  Thank you to the Emmenes Family for your kind donation.

We have been enjoying our new sand every day this week! There is so much of it, we can build very large volcanoes.  They almost reach the sky.

Some of us have been making shoes this week out of paper and Sellotape.  Lots and lots of Sellotape!

We were in awe and wonder on Monday as our garden was incredibly frosty!  Look at our beautiful tree and fantastic spider web.

We made the biggest obstacle course this week, it was so big it couldn't quite fit in the photo!

We have been celebrating Chinese New Year, we have decorated the Nursery and we enjoyed slurping delicious noodles too.  They were so yummy some of us had two bowls!

We have been very busy in the garden; we have been trying to turn the soil over for our new plants in the Spring.  Whilst we were digging, we found some dinosaur teeth.

This week has been so frosty.  Our slide has been covered in ice which has made it very difficult to use!  Every day we have to sweep the frost away with our brooms.

Meet our new class mate!  He is our magic fish!  He has many different names as we just couldn't decide what to call him.  He answers to Martin, Chips, Tomato, Sparkle Rainbow Cloud and Fish.

We have enjoyed exploring and using masking tape this week.  Look at these wonderful creations!

Nursery really enjoyed their Christmas party.  We had great fun trying to win the golden party prizes and we also had a yummy time enjoying the delicious party food with our friends.

We had a very special guest all the way from the North Pole, Santa!  He gave each of us a Christmas present!

McDoodles the Elf had a wonderful hiding place today!  He looked a bit like our party food!

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, see you all in 2023!

Please enjoy our Nativity photos.

We had lots of fun on Christmas Jumper Day, look at our Christmas glasses!  We look wonderful!

The Lunch Club children enjoyed their Christmas lunch especially the extra little sweet treats.

We really enjoyed our Nativity; we hope you did too!

Meet our elf McDoodles!  We enjoy finding him each day in Nursery, sometimes he can be very tricky to find!

Christmas has come to Bearwood Nursery.

We enjoyed decorating our Christmas Tree this morning, it looks amazing!  Lots of tinsel!

We have a visitor from Santa, he came in by hot air balloon.  His name is McDoodles the Elf.  

We have a wonderful advent calendar, each day behind the door will be one of our Nursery friends who will get to take a little decoration home for their tree.  I wonder who is behind the door today?

We had a lot of fun this week making a really tall tower with the octagons.  It got so tall that it started to bend!  We needed a lot of hands to help it stay straight and steady.

We have enjoyed making delicious cakes for our new cakes stands and cake cases, the cakes look so yummy!  Thank you, Mrs Mackenzie, for your super fun donation.

For Children in Need we dressed up as people we find 'inspiring'. Some of our inspirational people in Nursery are doctors, nurses and of course our Mummies!

We have been very busy doing all of the things we love to do at Nursery.

Our clay Diya lamps are dry so we have spent the week carefully painting them.  We have added a bit of glittery sparkle too!  We will be taking them home very soon.

We have been very busy learning about Diwali this week.  We have been making our own Diya lamps out of clay.  We are going to paint and decorate them next week.

Thank you to Jeeya and her family for the amazing Diwali decorations and Diya lamps, we have enjoyed exploring and talking about them. 

We had great fun dressing up for international attire day! 

We have been busy sweeping up our autumn leaves this week although the wind has made it a little challenging!

Thank you to Reggie for bringing in these wonderful signs of Autumn, we have really enjoyed exploring them.  The chestnuts are amazing as they are so spikey!  

We have been busy balancing this week.  We have been finding different ways to travel along the balancing beams without wobbling or falling off.  

We have enjoyed painting and drawing pictures of our lovely Mummies and ourselves this week.

Some of the children have been very busy writing in birthday cards this week.  Their writing is amazing!

Kayla has had a wonderful go at writing her name on her painting.  Well done Kayla!