Learning Resources and Games

Here you will find links relevant to all children. Check back regularly as more links will be added.

Talk Tasks

Learning to communicate well is vital. Children with good communication skills are more likely to be confident and do well at school. Developing speaking & listening skills is also part of the National Curriculum.

Have a break from the laptop or tablet screen and try some of these ideas!
Vocabulary Games

Have a look at this PDF about Word Aware from thinkingtalking.co.uk to help children boost their vocabulary, the PDF includes some free game ideas from Word Aware.
Mental Health and Well-being

It is important in these times to consider our mental health and well-being as well as that of our physical health. Here are some links to help talk to your children about what is happening at the moment as well as some places to find help.

From the NSPCC

Talking to a Child Worried about Coronavirus (Covid-19)

How to have difficult conversations with children

Books for children who are worried or anxious


Online, On the phone, Anytime

On the Phone - 08001111

Physical education is still an important part of your child's education, so here are some links to some fun ways to keep fit in the home.

Your Name Work Out - spell you name to find out what activity you should do!
PE with Joe - a new morning work out every day.

Cosmic Kids Yoga - yoga for children