One of the ways in which Bearwood Primary School is committed to improving achievement is through ensuring good attendance and as such we monitor the attendance of all our pupils.

Research has shown that there is a strong link between attendance and achievement, therefore we work in partnership with parents/carers to ensure that every child has the opportunity to meet their full potential. 

Poor attendance and punctuality could mean children are more likely to:

  • fall behind in their school work
  • find it difficult to make and keep friends
  • be unhappy at school
  • misbehave so others cannot see that they are finding the work difficult
  • get into bad routines that can affect them getting or keeping a job later in life.
Setting good attendance and punctuality patterns from an early age will help your child later on.
For these reasons we aim for each pupil's attendance to be at least 96%.

Every day at school really is so important.  If your child misses a day off school they will miss out on important learning and will need to catch up when they return.

As a school we constantly try to improve our attendance and punctuality.  This is made even easier for us with the help and support of the children, parents and carers.

Facts and Figures

Did you know?
  • 10 minutes late to school each day = 33 hours lost in one year
  • Your child being late disturbs the whole class from learning
  • A 90% attendance rate in a school lifetime is equivalent to a whole year of school missed!
  • Having good routines helps your child get into good patterns for the future
  • Make sure your child understands why school is important
  • Show your child that you are interested in what they have done at school
  • Get everything ready the night before school
  • Arrange appointments before or after school or during the holidays
Please remember that holidays in term time will NOT be authorised as these have a serious effect on children’s education and the school’s drive to maintain good levels of attendance.   
Unauthorised holidays taken during term time will result in a referral for a penalty notice from Wokingham Borough Council.