UKS2 Writing

Mr Bell has challenged UKS2 to create some independent creative writing - the first wave of submissions is below.

Here you will also find an exemplar document which shows the expected standard for UKS2 writing and includes the National Curriculum expectations too. Please have a read through if you think this would be beneficial:

UKS2 Writing Exemplification

UKS2 Writing Exemplification - Working at Greater Depth

Feel free to read through the work of your peers if you need some inspiration - there is already some absolutely fantastic writing here and we eagerly anticipate the addition of plenty more.


Year 6

Catherine - Elephant Presentation

Catherine - Grandparents Poem

Catherine - Harry Potter Inspired Story

Lily D - The Chronicles of the Wild

Jessica K - Writing

Jessica - Letter to a pen-pal

Nick - Poem

Pippa - Without your love I would surely die.

Reuben - Read It Newspaper Issue 1

Reuben - Read It Newspaper Issue 2

Reuben - Read It Newspaper Issue 3

Reuben - Read It Newspaper Issue 4

Tristan - The New Normal


Year 5 

Ayati - The Dark Tower

Edward - Book Review

Finlay - Mr Edwardson

Finlay - Poem

Ellie F - Waiting for Anya

Ellie F - Isolation poem

Emily - Animal Origins Presentation

Emily - Children and TV

Manasvi - Poem

Oliver H - The Hotel of Horrors

Scarlett - Biscoff Cheesecake Recipe

Zoravar - Dogs Poem