Week 5


Thank you to all of you for your hard work this half term. The teachers have really enjoyed receiving e-mails with letters and work and even some videos! As for the last two weeks, there is a slideshow above with some of the fantastic work we have received this half term.

We hope you have enjoyed engaging with the Ancient Egyptian topic, it certainly seems that you have from the e-mails we have received. 

Here is the last week of our Ancient Egyptian topic, again we hope to see some lovely work via e-mail.


Our topic this half term is Ancient Egypt. Please start by reading the Home Learning Project document. The resources that you need will be attached under each subject area.

Please e-mail your child's class teacher with any questions about the work or if you would like any feedback on your child's work.




 We hope you found the resources for Week 4 helpful. Here are Week 5's resources.


LKS2 Home Learning Project Week 5


Reading Comprehension

Weekly Reading Guidance

Reciprocal Reading Roles Guidance


Comprehension Text and Questions

Comprehension Answer Starters

Independent Reading Activities (for Fridays)



Y3/4 English Home Learning Week 5 - Narrative

Word mats and worksheets



Revise -ous ending



Year 3

Year 3 White Rose home learning

Week 5 - Year 3 Worksheets

Week 5 - Year 3 Answers

Year 4

Year 4 White Rose home learning

Week 5 - Year 4 Worksheets 

Week 5 - Year 4 Answers 



Rocks and Stones



 The River Nile

The River Nile Fact Sheet

Boats and Trade on the Nile

BBC Video about the Nile

River Nile Facts from National Geographic Kids


 Cook Like an Ancient Egyptian

Eat Like an Ancient Egyptian

Falafel Recipe