Week 4

Thank you to all those who have sent pictures of your home learning and letters to your teachers. We have really enjoyed seeing what you have all been doing. Some of your brilliant work can be seen in the slide show above. Keep sharing your work and we will display more next week.

Our topic this half term is Ancient Egypt. Please start by reading the Home Learning Project document. The resources that you need will be attached under each subject area.

Please e-mail your child's class teacher with any questions about the work or if you would like any feedback on your child's work.




 We hope you found the resources for Week 3 helpful. Here are Week 4's resources.


LKS2 Home Learning Project Week 4


Reading Comprehension

Weekly Reading Guidance

Reciprocal Reading Roles Guidance


Comprehension Text

Comprehension Questions

Comprehension Answers

Comprehension Answer Starters

Independent Reading Activities (for Fridays)



Y3/4 English Home Learning Week 4 - Narrative

Word mats and worksheets



Revise homophones



Year 3

Year 3 White Rose home learning

Week 3 - Year 3 Worksheets

Week 3 - Year 3 Answers

Year 4

Year 4 White Rose home learning

Week 3 - Year 4 Worksheets 

Week 3 - Year 4 Answers



Seasons and Soils



The Egyptian Creation Story

A short animation of the Creation Story

Further information on Ancient Egyptian Gods






Sistrum - information from The Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York)

How to make a sistrum