LKS2 Homework

Please spend at least 10 minutes on each area daily, especially in Spellings and Maths. Practice and repetition in these key areas should show progress over time. We want to ensure all our children have a solid understanding of the basic skills. Please do not send any homework activities into school or via email, we hope to notice an improvement within lessons. 



Year 1/2 Spelling Words

Year 3/4 Spelling Words

Practise spelling the common exception words.

Choose 5 words a week and to check that these spellings have been learnt,  test the same words 2 weeks later.

Try drawing the spelling word, write the spelling word in a sentence, break the word up and use a dictionary to find out the meaning. 

If your child is struggling with the Year 3/4 Spelling words please begin with the Year 1/2 Spelling words.


Read for at least 10 minutes a day, log on to:

We continue to run our shared reading sessions every morning and hear children read 1-1.

 If you find your child is struggling with their reading, read to them and try to practise a few sounds a week:

Phonics Sounds Phase 2

Phonics Sounds Phase 3-5


Write simple sentences that make sense.

Encourage your child to write 4-5 quality sentences a day. This could be about their day, a picture or object in the house or even link back to the spelling words of the week.

Use basic punctuation such as capital letters and full stops.

Ensure children read back their sentences. Often children will confuse present and past tense, try to correct this if you can. Please use the phonics sound mats above to check spellings. 

Once your child is confident in writing simple sentences, challenge them to use !, ? and to extend their sentences by using joining words such as until, while, because and however. 

At this stage, keep the focus on quality sentences not so much the quantity. 


In Year 3 children need to know their 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 times tables.

In Year 4 children need to know ALL of their times tables. 

At the end of Year 4, there will be an official timed times table test.

Please ensure children know their times tables out of order. Once confident, move on to division facts. 

Times Table Rock stars: 



Our key topic is the 'Best of Britain'. Find out what things make Great Britain great, e.g. buildings, structures and people.