Home Learning Pack Week 6


Welcome back to the second half of the summer term. We would like to say thank you to everyone for your hard work last half term and for all the brilliant work we have been sent. The slideshow above is a compilation of all the work from last half term.

This term our topic is 'Our Planet'. We will be learning about the world around us, the environment, the coast and animals in their habitats as well as some of the more recent changes that have occurred in the world. We hope everyone enjoys the topic-related activities and look forward to seeing lots of wonderful work via e-mail.

Please note that although LKS2 is not back in school yet, the LKS2 teachers will now be in school every day working with other year groups and will therefore not be able to reply immediately to any questions. We still want to see all your work and will endeavour to reply to any questions as soon as we can.

Please e-mail your child's class teacher with any questions about the work or if you would like any feedback on your child's work.





Week 6 Home Learning Reources


LKS2 Home Learning Project Week 6


Reading Comprehension

Weekly Reading Guidance

Reciprocal Reading Roles Guidance

Comprehension Answer Starters

Independent Reading Activities (for Fridays)

Week 6 Comprehension -

Comprehension Text

Comprehension Questions

Comprehension Answers



Y3/4 English Home Learning Week 6 - Newspaper Reports


BBC News Video

Newspaper Articles

Taking Notes PPT


Features of Newspapers

First News


Sections Sleuth Activity


Newspaper Vocabulary Activity


First News - Fake News Special Edition



Weekly Spelling Revision List

Spell Well Activities

Spell Well Activities PDF


Grammar Hammer

Stage 3 - Check 1

Stage 3 - Check 1 - Answers

Stage 4 - Check 1

Stage 4 Check 1 - Answers



Year 3

Year 3 White Rose home learning

Year 3 Worksheets

Year 3 Answers

Year 3 Alternative Worksheets

Year 3 Alternative Answers

Year 4

Year 4 White Rose home learning

Year 4 Worksheets 

Year 4 Answers 



 Animals and Their Habitats

Activity Pack - choose an activity from the pack



The Story of Chocolate

The Story of Chocolate - Home Learning Activities

Adinkra Handout

Thank You For the Chocolate Story



Food and Nutrition Week 1

Fair Trade Salad