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Key Stage 1 Home Learning Page


Welcome to the KS1 Home Learning Page, we hope you find the resources helpful and easy to navigate. We recommend you start by looking at the KS1 timetable and reading the guidance for your child's year group below. We aim to upload new materials regularly, to ensure your child continues their learning journey in these difficult times. 



Guidance Year 1.docx

Guidance Year 2.docx

KS1 Timetable.docx



Year 1

Reading Comprehensions.docx

Year 2

Hansel and Gretel.pdf

The Helpful Dragon.pdf


English and Grammar

some great ideas for story writing and discussions:

Year 1

Year 1 Check 1.doc

Year 1 Check 1 - Answers.doc

Year 1 Check 2.doc

Year 1 Check 2 - Answers.doc

Year 2

Year 2 Check 1.doc

Year 2 Check 1 - Answers.doc

Year 2 Check 2 - Answers.doc

Year 2 Check 2.doc


Phonics and Spellings

Free phonics games 

Year 1


Phonics sounds phase 2.pdf

Phonics sounds phase 3-5.pdf

Phonics 1.pdf

Phonics 2.pdf

Year 2




Year 1 

 Stage 1 Check 1.doc

Stage 1 Check 1 Answers.doc

Stage 1 Check 2.doc

Stage 1 Check 2 Answers.doc

Year 2

Stage 2 Check 1.doc

Stage 2 Check 1 Answers.doc

Stage 2 Check 2.doc

Stage 2 Check 2 Answers.doc



Art Activities 1.docx


The Easter Story:


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