Bearwood Primary School

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Nursery Tapestry Challenges

 Have a go at the following challenges. Each time you complete one, take a photo or video and upload it to Tapestry to share with Ms Brannigan and Mrs White.

We can’t wait to see and hear what you get up to.


Design a new superhero. What is their special power?

 Eat them to defeat them.   Send us a photo of you   eating up your vegetables.

 Play shops, using items   from  the kitchen   cupboards.

 Learn a new song and send   us a video of you singing   and  dancing.

Dress up as a superhero by making your own costume.

 Go out for a walk and make   a collage from things that   you find.

 Order your toys from   smallest to tallest.

 Practise counting to 10 and   20 while being active. Do   10/20 star jumps, 10/20   hops, touch your toes   10/20  times etc

Draw a picture of your family-can someone help you to label them?

 Send a video of you   washing  your hands whilst   singing Happy Birthday 2   times.

 Send a photo of a special   picture you have drawn for   your teacher.

 Send a video of you   catching  a large ball.

Send in a photo of you reading/sharing a story in a wacky or funny place.

 Get an adult to hide a teddy   and follow their   instructions  of where to   find it e.g. look under the   table

 Remember the beans we   were growing?  Maybe you   can plant some beans or   some other seeds.  You can   make a photo diary of them   growing.

 Look through some old   photos and talk about them   with your family.  What   were you doing?  Who were   you with?


Have fun and see you all soon!

For more ideas you can look in the Summer Term Home Learning Packs for each week...