Bearwood Primary School

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Bearwood Primary School Strategic Priorities 2019 to 2020


Priority One: Quality of Education

Ø  Teaching and learning to be consistently good or better in all year groups.

Ø  All significant groups, including SEND and disadvantaged groups, make strong progress and attain at age related or above.  Where children do not attain at age-related, they have made significant progress from their starting points.

Ø  The curriculum is coherently planned, ensuring all children make rapid progress – especially SEND and disadvantaged children.

Ø  Strong teacher subject knowledge ensures effective assessment for learning, and a coherent sequence of learning.

Ø  The school implements a rigorous and sequential approach to the teaching of reading.

Ø  The school implements a sequential and holistic approach to the teaching of writing, ensuring children are skilled in all elements of the writing process.

Ø  The maths mastery approach is fully embedded, with virtually all children operating within the expected range or better.

Ø  EYFS to be ‘outstanding.’

Priority Two: Leadership and Management

Ø  Professional development impacts the quality of teaching and learning, as a result of the improved pedagogical understanding of teachers.

Ø  Effective subject leadership ensures the expected knowledge and skill acquisition in all subjects for all groups of children.

Ø  Effective team leadership ensures teachers effectively plan for children with SEND and disadvantaged children.

Ø  Data analysis and monitoring of teaching and learning are especially focused on the progress of children with SEND and disadvantaged children.

Ø  Administrative systems within the school are highly effective and robust.

Priority Three: Attendance

Ø  Attendance to be in line with or above national average.

Ø  Persistent absence to be below national average – including for disadvantaged children.

Priority Four: Marketing

Ø  Bearwood Primary School to be the school of choice within the community.